From the fictional reimagining of the day Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry his cross through Jerusalem


“You think you look different and sound different from one another, but mankind is all the same to God, a Multitude of One. Because God loves all equally, you must not turn your back on the needs or rights of others.”  -Jesus


Do not oppress others, but allow others to find joy.” -Jesus


“Love is the great good use we make of one another.”  -Jesus


“Jesus’s message was love, simply and invincibly love. He did not call upon you to be judges.” -Simon of Cyrene


“Remember, Simon, it is easy to show love and compassion to those close to you, to friends and family. The true measure of compassion is how much you love people who can do nothing for you, even unto those who do not believe as you believe.”  -Jesus


“A single act of kindness sends its ripples afar, all the way to God’s infinite memory.”  -Jesus


“There is no love without freedom.”  -Jesus


“There is no one that God does not love.” -Jesus


“Faith demands actions of love.”  -Jesus


     “So, you are saying that you are the door to . . . Heaven?” I replied with a good deal of skepticism.                                    

     “Yes,” replied Jesus. “I am also a light shining the way in the darkness.”

     “But you were crucified. I was there. I heard them hammering the spikes. How can you be a light or a door to anything?”

     My confusion must have been apparent.

     “Nonetheless, it is so.”


“I looked at him, this broken shell of a man, with a mounting pity. He was marching with only a stranger to his certain and painful death. How lonely he must feel; a dead man walking among the living.”  -Simon of Cyrene


“People say they love God, yet they destroy everything they see as if they think God will make another world. Was not one miracle sufficient?”  -Jesus


“Perhaps you won’t believe what I have told you. Perhaps no one will ever remember that a man named Simon from Cyrene helped a Nazarene named Jesus to carry his cross through the streets of Jerusalem  and up to Golgotha where he was crucified and died.”  -Simon of Cyrene


(Excerpts from The Gospel of Simon, copyright 2016 by John Smelcer. All rights reserved.)