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Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross (Mark 15:20-22)

Written over two decades by one of America’s most acclaimed authors with the help of some of the world’s greatest novelists, theologians, and biblical scholars. Bound to become a classic.

The international award-winning retelling of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” that reminds us again and again of Jesus’s gospel of love

     Everyone knows the story of how a man named Simon from Cyrene, a province in North Africa, came into Jerusalem during Passover with his two sons and was impressed by Roman soldiers to help a Nazarene named Jesus to carry his heavy cross through the narrow streets of the crowded city up to Golgotha where he was crucified (Mark 15: 20-22). But no one ever talks about Simon, even though he is depicted with Jesus on half of the Stations of the Cross. Did the two speak? What did Jesus say to Simon? How did the ordeal affect Simon and his family? And what incredible secret has Simon’s descendants safeguarded for almost 2,000 years? Finally, here is Simon’s good news, told in his own words. The incredible ending will will stay forever in your mind. A book for everyone, no matter what you believe.

Picture1 In 1996, the author had a profound vision that affected him deeply. It took twenty years to write it down, but the astonishing story is finally available to the world. At its heart, The Gospel of Simon is a message about Jesus’s gospel of love. Indeed, the word love appears over one hundred forty times in the book. A Spanish version, El Evangelio de Simon, is also available. (Photo copyright 2016 by Jim Caffrey).



In the fall of 2016, the author gave a signed copy of the Spanish edition to Pope Francis. Shortly thereafter, the Pope made certain public comments that seemed straight out of the book, including his encyclical on protecting the environment. Six months later, the author received a letter from the Pope thanking him for the gift (photo below).


The Gospel of Simon wins medal in the 2017 Indie Book Awards, an international prize for the best books published worldwide by independent and university presses.


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The book includes a six-page interview with author and Academy Award winner W. P. “Bill” Kinsella, who wrote the book that was adapted into the motion picture Field of Dreams (Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta). Questions asked include why did it take twenty years for the author to write the book, did he have trepidation about writing it, and had he ever considered becoming a clergy. Sadly, Bill passed away a week after the book was published.



A nonprofit foundation will be established to help donate royalties to charities. Please help make The Gospel of Simon a global phenomenon. Buy the book at bookstores or order it online (click “Order” on the menu).


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