2,000 years ago, Roman soldiers compelled a man named Simon, from Cyrene, to help a condemned itinerant preacher named Jesus to carry his heavy cross through the streets of Jerusalem to Golgotha where he was crucified. This is Simon's account of that fateful day. "This book belongs among the classics of religion, if not in a class all by itself. A masterpiece capable of changing the world." W. P. Kinsella (author of Field of Dreams) ~ “Smelcer gives us a Jesus who condemns anyone who fosters injustice and inequality, oppresses or enslaves others, and incites hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and violence.” Coretta Scott King ~ "John Smelcer writes with the voice of Jesus. Until now we only thought we knew this story." Daniel Berrigan ~ “Dazzling and visionary! A book that reminds us of Jesus’s gospel of love, nonviolence, and peace.” Bishop Edward Daly ~ “This book challenges the certitudes of our times and offers a blueprint for religious peace.” Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz"This book reminds us that we are called to be bearers of love, for there can be no faith without love." Cardinal Edward Egan ~ "This may be exactly the way it happened." Tom O'Horgan (Director of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar) ~ “Enlightened, compelling, and blessed by grace. The timeless message will resonate with modern readers.” Marcus Borg ~ "Smelcer reveals new dimensions of the Christian story". Bishop John Shelby Spong ~ "My friend Thomas Merton would have loved this elegantly simple, poetic, yet profound book ." (formerly) Sister Mary Pius ~ "This book shows the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism...compassion, love, and tolerance." The Dalai Lama ~ "An ambitious re-imagining of the most familiar story in history." Chayym Zeldis