"This book belongs among the classics of religion, if not in a class all by itself. A masterpiece capable of changing the world." W. P. Kinsella (Field of Dreams) ~ "A gift." Pope Francis ~ “Smelcer gives us a Jesus who condemns anyone who fosters injustice and inequality, oppresses or enslaves others, and incites hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and violence.” Coretta Scott King ~ "John Smelcer writes with the voice of Jesus. Until now we only thought we knew this story." Daniel Berrigan ~ “Dazzling and visionary! A book that reminds us of Jesus’s gospel of love, nonviolence, and peace.” Bishop Edward Daly ~ “This book challenges the certitudes of our times and offers a blueprint for religious peace.” Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz"This book reminds us that we are called to be bearers of love, for there can be no faith without love." Cardinal Edward Egan ~ "This may be exactly the way it happened." Tom O'Horgan, director of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar ~ “Enlightened, compelling, and blessed by grace. The timeless message will resonate with modern readers.” Marcus Borg ~ "Smelcer reveals new dimensions of the Christian story". Bishop John Shelby Spong ~ "My friend Thomas Merton would have loved this elegantly simple, poetic, yet profound book ." (formerly) Sister Mary Pius ~ "An ambitious reimagining of the most familiar story in history." Chayym Zeldis